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Our Unit adopts the following policies to help create a positive learning environment that is in accordance with the vision and mission statements of Boğaziçi University.

Coursework: Students are strongly advised to do their reading assignments before coming to class, be actively involved in discussions (in oral or written form) and show serious effort on all tasks, following proper academic standards and deadlines.

Honesty: It is of utmost importance that students follow an ethical code of conduct. Fulfilling course requirements by adhering to principles of academic honesty and ethical behavior will mean a well-deserved reputation and a clean academic record.  For further details students are advised to consult “avoiding plagiarism” at http://www.buowl.boun.edu.tr or seek their instructor's help. Violation of these principles will result in failing the course and being reported for disciplinary action.

Attendance: Students are strongly advised or obliged to attend classes regularly as class work is designed to encourage active involvement and hence maximize their learning and intellectual experience. Detailed rules that apply for specific courses can be found in individual course packets. 

Final Exam Eligibility: The eligibility requirement for final exam-based courses is minimum 60% of the semester performance as announced by the instructors.

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